Company introduction

ceronas GmbH & Co.KG is a producer and developer of micronised wax additives, selling micronised waxes under the brand name mju:wax®, oxidised VISCOCER®  waxes and polymers as well as innovative additives like ionomers, modified polyester waxes and functionalised  ADDIMER® waxsblends. ceronas additives are used in a broad field of industrial applications like coatings, powder coatings, printing inks, lacquers, plastics, masterbatches, release agents, lubricants, wax emulsions, wax dispersions and more.

In 2018 ceronas moved into the new headquarters located in Kirchberg with strongly increased production capacities for micronisation and milling. The micronised mju:wax® additives are manufactured on innovative mills with unique design. ADDIMER® und VISCOCER® additives are manufactured on new and further improved reactors. Located at the new site is the administration as well as a research and developing laboratory with a connected application laboratory. Our laboratory is equipped with state of the art analytical instruments to determine particle size, particle morphology and surface. The product developement of ceronas as well as its backward integration benefits from the cooperation with our partner company euroceras located in Poland. Basic wax raw material like HDPE-, LDPE-, copolymer- and polyesterwaxes are custom made by euroceras.

We guarantee our customers reliable supply, longterm cooperation, quality and flexibility. With our state of the art mills and reactors we are able to offer customers a broad portfolio of wax additives as well as tailor made products to support our customers with product improvements and new developements.

The company is certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 quality and environmental management system to meet customers high quality demands. 

The integrated management system policy can be requested at info(at)