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euroceras Sp. z o.o. located in southern Poland is producing polyolefin as well as functionalised synthethix waxes under the the brand name CERALENE® for a lot of different applications:

  •    colour masterbatches (dispersing additive)
  •    PVC (ext. release, surface improvement, int./ext. lubricant)
  •    technical plastics (flow/surface improvement, mould release)
  •    additive masterbatches (dispersing additive, compatibilizer)
  •    duroplasts (flow, levelling, pigment dispersion)
  •    pigment and fillers (surface coating)
  •    rubber processing (release)
  •    powder coatings (flow/levelling/scratch resistance)
  •    bitumen
  •    hot melt adhesives
  •    aqueous and solvent based coating systems
  •    (surface modification)
  •    toner
  •    also for cosmetic applications

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